Chicago Dapper Ball

The Dapper Ball–presented by Slo ‘Mo, AM/FM and Boi Society— was a cornucopia of queer Dapperhood. DJs Dapper and Audio Jack provided the soundtrack for this bat signal to all Chicagoland dappers, while hosts Fawzia Mirza and Tribble pulled our eyes from fellow daps’ wingtips and neckwear and onto the stages of celebrated drag king performers Switch the Boi Wonder and Oh, Snap.

This DapperVista had been waiting so long for such an event that the only new purchase we made was a pair of socks. But most will be more impressed on how we perfected the Eldridge Knot for our tie (no worries, DapperVista will be providing video tutorials soon. There are already plenty on YouTube, but if it helps to see it by a dapperqueer, we’ll be wrangling my slender neck into one on video for your viewing pleasure).

I Spy: DapperVista supports fellow artists and goes starstruck when we see them out and about, milling around with us mortals like they just needed some material for their ethereal creations. We were blessed to see Jeez Loueez and Po’ Chop of Jeezy’s Juke Joint. If you thought the Dapper Ball sold out on you, you best try to get tickets to the 6th Annual Jeezy’s Juke Joint: A Black Burley-Q on March 10-11, 2017. We also made the acquaintance of androgynous model Mack Dihle, and I-had-to-tell-bae-I-got-an-instacrush-on-them Niki McCoy.

DapperVista Loved: The Hairpin Arts Center was a gorgeous space! Performers kept the audience entertained and hosts drew us in at their command. The organizers were friendly, gracious and ORGANIZED. These Daps had it together from check-in to check-out.

DapperVista Recommends: More Cowbell…we mean, More Bar. The Violet Hour served cute custom cocktails, but THIS DapperVista is a walking bowtie-neat bourbon in oxfords. Pour us Kentucky in a glass, please. We’d recommend additional bar areas and ‘straight’ liquor options in addition to the pre-mixed fair. Save the accoutrements for fashion, food and foreplay. More Time. If this becomes an annual (and it definitely should), we wanna rub elbow patches and bump wingtips til the break of dawn if this event has been flirting with us all year. Runway. It’s a Ball and everyone wants to see the Most Dapper. We wouldn’t suggest a competition, but definitely bring in our community’s Dap Models. Diverse Tunes. Don’t get us wrong…DJs were jamming, but some of us 35+ older daps craved more variety.

Verdict: It was amazing and cannot be a one-off. I hope y’all are already planning the 2nd annual Chicago Dapper Ball.

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