About Us


 (Typically of a man)neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing

Dapper Vista creator M Shelly Conner is a writer, scholar and humorist. Her work has appeared in AfterEllen, Curve Magazine, The Feminist Wire and other print and digital publications. Shelly writes about the intersections of  race, gender, and sexuality in dapper queer culture.

Dapper Vista began as a curated tumblr blog focusing on dapper fashion, food and culture. It is quickly growing into a full web-based platform that will include events, reviews and productions.

DapperVistaCooks: Both original and credited pictorial recipes

DapperVistaReviews: Reviews of dapper clothing, shoes, and accessories

DapperVistaPours: Bourbon reviews

DapperVistaProductions: The home of the comedy web series Quare Life (Spring 2017)